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ECCI offers customers the ability to list free classified ads. The ads must be related to the sale or purchase of ECCI control units. This page is intended to offer those looking to upgrade to the latest product an avenue to sell their existing CDS system. It also offers sim racers who have never before experienced the quality and performance of an ECCI system a less costly route to top flight performance.

IMPORTANT: The units listed below are not owned by ECCI, but are listed by private parties for sale. For this reason ECCI cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information listed, or the condition of the units. Please do not contact ECCI with inquiries about used units - contact the listing party please.

Rules and recommendations:

If you are interested in placing an ad, please E-mail ECCI @ with a ASCII *.txt file of your ad. A maximum of 80 words is permitted.

One or two *.jpg images of your unit are also allowed. The size of each image is limited to 150(W)x120(H) pixels. Those placing ads should provide photos in the proper size and format, ECCI cannot edit your photo files. ECCI reserves the right to limit length or otherwise edit ads. For contact information, list your first name with an E-mail address or phone number. For security purposes ECCI will not list a physical address except for a P.O. Box.

ECCI offers no warranty on used products listed here, except that which is remaining of the original new product warranty. The original ECCI warranty is transferable from owner to owner. Those listing units for sale should provide the original purchase date to inform potential customers of the age and warranty status.

IMPORTANT: ECCI will not be held responsible for the consequences of any transactions that occur through these ads. It is recommended that users be cautious in negotiating the sale of units. It is generally safest to use UPS C.O.D. in transactions with individuals you do not know. Sorry, ECCI cannot use its credit card service to facilitiate transactions.



Trackstar 6000 GTS


ECCI 6000 GTS System with standard PMBII brake, 6 button upgraded paddle shifter, and three pedal (clutch) configuration. $850 + shipping. Tom