1.  Replace existing stop screws and washers with new screws and washers. 2.  Assembled view.  Screws need to be lightly snug only, do not overtighten.


3.  Be certain to use new levers provided and install spring seats before finishing paddle unit assembly. 4.  New style paddle lever travel adjusting screws.  Loosen nuts before turning screws.  At-rest screws to be screwed in slowly just until button light comes on in Windows joystick test screen.  Then turn back out 1/4 to 3/8 turn and lightly snug locknut.  Pull travel adjusting screws are to be adjusted to provide .015" to .030" (.5mm to .75mm) air gap between back of paddle lever and button switch plunger when pulled to stop.  Both of these adjustments are critical, be careful to set these adjustments properly.