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High performance and durability have always been primary design goals at ECCI. With the TRACKSTAR 6000, eye-catching appearance no longer takes a back seat to function. An all-new chassis exposes the workings of the internal mechanism to view.

The wheel unit cover has been reduced to a minimum, and is artfully cut away to reveal the FLDS damper. For visual enhancement, ECCI offers precision automotive-quality graphics in both standard metal covers and all-new premium Lexan solid color and multi-color high-gloss painted covers.

Solid cover

6000 logo Dual stripe

Standard Metal Covers

E6k Theme Arrow Theme   Premium Hi-gloss
Lexan Covers

Also offered in solid red or black


ECCI recognizes the steering wheel as the critical link between the driver and control of the car.

Unlike most wheels that are circular in grip section, the 6000 Talladega wheel is deeper than it is wide in frontal profile. This creates a more natural grip shape for the hand. The grip contour at the nine and three o'clock positions is ideally suited to actuate the close fitting shift paddles behind. Lock-to-lock road course racing is a snap, but it is large enough in diameter to offer the incremental control critical to oval track racing.

For those wanting a more narrowly focused wheel, such as for F-1 racing, ECCI offers many other choices. Paddle sets provided with each wheel are tailored to match each individual profile.

6000 Talladega B/W

6000 Talladega B/B
13.75 Inch/350mm

6000 Pocono
12 Inch/300mm


The two-tone leather 6000 Talladega wheel is standard on the GT and GTS variants. As all-black version is also available. The base 6000 system is equipped with a basic 12 inch over-molded vinyl wheel.

Sport Wheel Red
12.5 Inch/320mm
Sport Wheel Yellow
12.5 Inch/320mm
MOMO Mod. 26
270-290 mm dia.


ECCI offers a number of high-end specialty wheels for those with specific needs. The Sport wheel is an ideal compromise for those wanting to balance oval-track racing with road courses. ECCI's standard bolt pattern is based on Grant's five bolt pattern allowing other wheels from their catalog to be mounted.

 MOMO wheels of several models are available for F-1 and similar road course applications.  MOMO wheels can be subject to availability problems. E-mail ahead with your specific request to see if we have what you need on hand.

MOMO Mod. 27
270 -290 mm dia.
MOMO Mod. 27C
270 -290 mm dia.
MOMO Mod. 29
270 -290 mm dia.


An ECCI exclusive, ECCI's original Monopoint cam resistance system was developed to allow the sim racer to drive intuitively through a completely fluid, seamless interface.

ECCI's Monopoint-II is the latest version of this system. A camshaft precisely governs steering resistance at every wheel angle. Friction is completely eliminated because the entire mechanism is ball-bearing suspended. Every impulse is immediately translated into control input.

The Monopoint-II is also fully adjustable in steering characteristics. Maximum tension and centering feel around neutral are independently adjustable, as is total  rotataional travel: 180 degrees to 240 degrees. Only ECCI offers such precise tailoring of steering parameters.


Since 1998, ECCI's innovative FLDS Fluid Damped Steering system has set a new standard of realism for directional control. The FLDS system consists of a rotary fluid damper, belt-driven from the steering shaft. The fundamental effect of the damper is to add "weight" to the steering and even out rapid wheel movements. This effect dramatically enhances steering stability and significantly reduces the tendency toward velocity-induced over-correction.

Fully ball bearing suspended and free from friction, ECCI's FLDS allows force and velocity of wheel movement to respond at a minute level. The damping effect does not limit subtle corrections of steering line, but increases proportionately with velocity of wheel movement. Quick, extreme movement will be resisted, while slow and subtle movement will not. The result is wheel movement stabilization that cannot be achieved by any other means. ECCI stands alone in offering such technology to the sim-racer.

Without FLDS cooling sleeve _______ With FLDS cooling sleeve 

New for the TRACKSTAR 6000 is an optional polished aluminum billet FLDS cooling sleeve. Frequent high-amplitude wheel movement can cause the damper to warm. Under normal racing circumstances this does not occur. But if one is running long distance rallye or sprint car style endurance events, heat buildup over time can modify the damping effect slightly. The cooling sleeve acts as a heat sink, drawing excess heat away from the damping mechanism. For users who do not engage in this type of racing, the sleeve just looks really cool.

Every TRACKSTAR 6000 unit comes standard with ECCI's behind-the-wheel shift paddles. Lightning-quick gear shifting allowing attention to be spent on cornering line instead of managing the gear shifter.

ECCI's short-throw paddle shifter sets have been well received by virtual and non-virtual racers alike. Several race car developers have purchased ECCI paddle sets for their real world racing cars. The quality and reliability of ECCI's paddles have set a new standard in both the simulated and real racing worlds.

"I purchased your full Trackstar 6000 GTS system eighteen months ago and would like to let you know how satisfied I am with it. I find that all of the controls simulate reality fabulously and are a pleasure to use. In particular, I find the functionality, design and responsiveness of your F1 paddle shift to be better for me than the system I have on my real world car which is a Ferrari 360 Spider."

- R Sarathy, UK, August 10, 2006