All ECCI products are proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA


ECCI's USB HD Ultra interface is a revolution in control for the serious simulation racer. ECCI has finally solved all of the computer interface problems that have compromised performance for sim-racing enthusiasts for many years. This new interface sets a new standard by which all other options will be measured. The HD Ultra offers high-definition control precision, stability, system expandability, and compatibility second to none.  

The USB HD Ultra offers 1024 points of resolution on each control axis. Linearity is such that If you can move the control with enough subtlety, you can count every point of resolution from one limit to the other. This translates into unparalleled steering accuracy that has been described by users as "unbelievably glass smooth". The ability to carve precise cornering lines contributes to higher corner speeds and  better management of tire wear.

To achieve such accuracy, ECCI developed a new generation of potentiometers, the HP Racing pots, that match the precision of the electronics. In combination with our USB HD electronics these pots provide driving accuracy that meets or exceeds that of consumer optical encoder systems that cost many times the price. HP Racing Pots are warranted for top performance for one year. Replacement cost is a modest $10 each.

Control stability is also key to performance. Utilizing the most advanced techniques of eliminating sources of control interference, ECCI guarantees the HD Ultra interface will provide jitter-free operation. One of the gremlins common to other interfaces is an inconsistency of the readings of pedals at either rest of full application. The HD Ultra system eliminates such problems and offers the sim-racer the confidence that full throttle is always full throttle... and that braking is similarly consistent and accurate.

The need for an increasing number of control inputs in the most sophisticated racing simulation software has been met by the new HD Ultra interface. Capable of up to 20 digital on-off buttons, the interface has two means to provide such input.

First are the wheel-mounted buttons. Standard ECCI paddle sets provide four buttons at the wheel, two as shift paddles, and two as accessory buttons. The HD Ultra is capable of supporting up to eight wheel-mounted buttons. ECCI is developing a new paddle set component that will offer eight buttons at the wheel. This upgrade will be compatible with any existing 6000-series paddle set and will become available in future releases of the 6000 system. These are expected to be available by the Spring of 2005.

The HD Ultra also supports access to the full complement of buttons via a DB-9 accessory port. This enables the user to attach future ECCI peripherals or make their own if they desire.

The USB HD Ultra interface utilizes the HID Human Interface Driver that is native to all Windows operating systems. No special drivers are needed, just plug the USB cable in, calibrate, and you are ready to race. The HD Ultra will also be supported in the Linux operating system, making it available for use with any new titles developed for that OS.

The USB HD Ultra is now the standard interface for TRACKSTAR 6000 systems. Owners of existing 6000 series non-HDUSB systems may order this as upgrade to their controllers.   Owners of Logitech compatible Trackstar 6000 pedals can get a conversion kit to convert their pedals to standalone HDUSB.  Upgrade kits also available for CDS4000 and CDS2/2R/5000 systems.   The HD Ultra is a fully integrated system and is NOT available for owners of other manufacturer's driving controls.